Sweet Science Parties

Do you have a child who loves sweets and science? Then why not combine the fun and book a Sweet Science Party with our Truly Scrumptious Team?

Priced at £150 for 10 children including the birthday child, we turn the children into mad scientists and perform interesting and often messy experiments with candy! Don’t worry though, our experiments are carried out in a safe manner in a controlled environment, no marshmallows will be harmed! We will find out what makes the POP! in Popping Candy, do Skittles taste like a rainbow and many other weird and wonderful candy examinations and procedures.

The party lasts approx 1.5 hours in total and includes:-

  • Cold Party Food & Drinks
  • Birthday Cupcakes
  • Scientific Fun Interactive Candy Experiments
  • Sweet Tasting Games
  • Sweet Explosions to see which candies make the best fizzy eruptions!
  • Create an edible touchable lickable Rainbow with Skittles!

Please note we will try to fit in as many experiments as possible but this depends on the children and the time it takes on each task!

Don’t worry if your children are shy or need encouragement joining in, our friendly, trained staff are welcoming and enthusiastic with all things sweet and aim to entertain and engage your Oompa Loompas to ensure a great time is had by all.

If you would like to extend your party to a 2 hour fun filled bash then why not pay an extra £50 and add on one of our extra packages

Choose from:-

1. Cupcake Decorating. All children of all ages love getting creative and messy with icing, decorations and cake so why not book some extra time in the sweet shop with this add on? We set out a Cupcake Station with various fairy cakes, different coloured sprinkles, edible glitter, moudable icing, edible icing pens and various shape cutters and encourage the party guests to get creative with their cupcakes. They then take them home to enjoy later.

2. Donut Making. This add on is perfect for children who love baking because they get to make their own delicious donuts using our special ingredients, baking equipment and our super delicious donut machine! It is great fun to get creative in a sweet shop but even better when you get to eat freshly made, mouth watering sweet donuts that you have made with your friends.

3. Waffle Magic! We don’t just use our special waffle machine to make mouth watering, fluffy, delicious Belgian waffles with the children, we also let them top them with some ice cream, chocolate and sprinkles and either eat them there and then while still warm or they can take them home to enjoy later.

4. Lego Sweet Making! Make edible Lego men, bricks and other gummy sweets using our gummylicious machine and jelly sweets recipe with a big sprinkling of creativity. Great for Lego fans of all ages! We then get the children to taste their creations and see which flavours and shapes they like the best!

5. Ice Cream Sundaes! Layer up your own ice cream sundaes with sweets, candies, chocolates, whipped cream and then sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labour.

Please note:-

Don’t forget we entertain the children and assist them with the activities but we are not the responsible adults – you are! We do politely insist, especially with young children, that one adult stays with the party. (Maximum of 2 adults can stay and assist with the party – please see below). Our £150 parties are not recommended for children under the age of 5 years of age. 

Please note for your family and guests’ protection we carry full Public Liability Insurance, and have a comprehensive understanding of safeguarding procedures. We also have Level 2 Food Hygiene in Retail certification and training. 

Our maximum guest limit is 10 children. The price of our standard package is £150 for the birthday child and 9 guests. We can also only have a maximum of 2 adults stay with the party. These rules are set to ensure that your child gets the best party experience possible. 

With regard to allergies and food intolerance’s we can adapt our parties to suit all requirements, we just need notice of nut allergies, lactose intolerance’s etc so we can make the necessary changes to our party program. It may be the case that we ask you to bring food for children with certain intolerance’s and allergies but this does not affect their fun they will experience – every child matters to us!

We accept no liabilities for any injuries, losses or damages to property or clothing or oompa loompas during our parties!

We do require a non refundable deposit of £30 to secure your party booking and then payment must be received in full 7 days before the party date. Please note in the event that the party has to be cancelled by you, 48 hours notice is required and an alternative date will be offered. 

With regard to photography whilst we allow parents, carers and party guests to take pictures and videos during our parties we ourselves never take photographs of parties without prior consent from all necessary parties. Feel free to upload your party pictures to our Facebook or Twitter!